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About Us

Etonomous Art and Apparel is dedicated to creating unique tees and artwork that is fun and original. We started the Company to provide a fun alternative to the same ole clothes you find at most major stores. We continue to build our product line with artwork and other unique gifts because it simply makes people smile. We're simply about fun.  Have a look at our products and they will speak for themselves.


Erwin - Artist / Owner

Erwin is the artist who creates all the designs for Etonomous.  He thinks he creates all the designs on his own, but he gets help from The Boss. When he's not drawing up food and other interesting things, he's working on storyboards and illustrations for various industries. He is also responsible for all the business aspects of the company.


Yunnie - "The Boss"

Yunnie handles the social media, helps set up and sell at our shows, and is currently writing content for our future releases. She is credited for coming up with our awesome logo and helps fine tune and revise our designs.

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